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Conferences and workshops

Photo © Collège Montmorency

For more than ten years, the filmmaker David Fabrega has given film conferences about his documentaries, such as Biodiversity: an Odyssey.
He works in middle and high schools, and also with public organizations such as media libraries and universities.

Teacher testimonials:

“A beautiful film that shows us that, with a bit of effort, faith in our goals and passion, we can do anything! It was very inspiring for the kids, the images and the interviews about how things stand around the world when it comes to the preservation of biodiversity.” – Tania Carreira – École Secondaire des Sources, Montreal, Canada, 2016

“This voyage, so respectful of cultures and people, transports us to a dimension where humanity is central to the solution, an active player in ecological reality, and touched to the core by the responsability.” – Sonya Ouellette – Académie Lafontaine (FEEP), Saint-Jérôme, Canada, 2013

David Fabrega also leads digital storytelling workshops to teach young people the art of telling stories and questioning the news using documentary tools such as video, photography and sound recording. The educational objective is to strengthen self-esteem through speaking out, and to encourage the development of the student’s personal perspective on the major issues of our society.

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